Why Reading Short Stories Can Play a Vital Role in Our Lives

There’s no one who doesn’t love the bed-time stories recited by our parents, grandparents or someone elder in our family. To be very honest, it was the favorite part of going to sleep. But do you know the important role it plays in the development and growth of children? Every story had a moral, purpose, or a value added to it. Moreover, the society we are living in today would not be the same if these tales were not present. Human beings are creatures that have been blessed with the virtue of storytelling and learning from past traditions and events.

In simpler terms, these stories are more about passing valuable knowledge and information to the future generation, with a purpose that they can learn from it. Furthermore, even when you short stories for kids you must have noticed that every other story had a character with good shade and bad shade; this help kids to understand the concept of distinguishing between what is wrong and right. Not only this, it communicated to its readers and listeners a message that in the end only the good prevails over the evil. Therefore, it can be concluded that every story contains a message that could be communicated or instructed to a particular section of the audience.

The greatest and popular works of fiction are a mere representation of the world we live in, and thus tell people about the different ways to handle a situation. The epic saga fills a child with hope and dreams for a better future. Stories also play an important bonding role. Yes, it is true. A popular saga has the power to not only glue readers to the books but bond people together. Moreover, the art of storytelling has offered people with exemplary role models, that inspire and motivate them to do something better.

If you are an ardent fan of reading and are searching for an incredible platform that offers short stories online, look no further than Storystar. It is a free short stories site that has the best stories for kids, teens, and adults. And most often the stories for kids and teens are written by kids for kids, and by teens for teens, which makes Storystar a very special place to read short stories online. The stories on this site are for everyone- kids and adults alike. Not only this, it is a one in a kind platform that helps people to share their stories, tales, and experiences with readers of all ages around the world.

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Storystar features the best short stories for kids, adults, teens & others written in English by writers from over 120 countries around the world, and it is totally free for everyone to enjoy.

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